About Lexx Fans Creations

2016 is Lexx's 20th anniversary, or Lexxversary.

The purpose of this blog is to spotlight Lexx fan devotion around the world by linking back to hotspots. Everything linked and highlighted in this blog is either already public or given permission to do so if it's not.

Given the historical political nature of the Lexx fandom, I have decided not to have comments. You can go to the linked sites to learn/see more and possibly make direct comments or other contact in those places.

Navigation past this front page might be a little tricky on mobile devices. There is a menu at the top under the translate bar (directly under the header on mobile), and the 'about' link seems to hog the whole menu on mobile. On desktops and laptops there is another clicky button next to it that says 'Lexxy fan stuff, please'. You might need to scroll down to below this post and click 'view web version', which will also let you see the entire archive menu and everything else in the right column, too. I'll look into making this header menu feature easier to use on mobile. It's the best way I've found to allow scrolling through all the posts on mobile without having to click on each one, but whoever designed this blogger feature didn't make it easy for mobile to access. Sorry about that.

This will be a permanent side project along with my Lexxperience film study blog. The goal with this blog is to see how fans Lexxperience Lexx for themselves, especially without vendor support. "Lexxperience" was first coined by Syfy in their Friday Prime promos while they were broadcasting Lexx, Farscape, and Stargate SG-1. I believe it was one of their coolest marketing campaigns, and I loved their question- "Are you Lexxperienced?"